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eSamudaay – India’s perfect answer to eCommerce Monopolies

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 
by Aarti Nyayadhish
How eSamudaay is taking on eCommerce space by being an alternative to the big corporations.

An Entrepreneurs Captivating Journey of making Lemonades when Life Gave Him Lemons

PUBLISHED Sep 14, 2021 
by Our Staff Writer
The story of how an IT professional started moonlight venture during the Covid-19 lockdown

LCommerce - The Panacea for AtmaNirbhar Bharat

PUBLISHED Jun 12, 2021 
by Anup Pai
Grassroot change is required to meet India's lofty economic growth targets

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

PUBLISHED Jun 08, 2021 
by Our Staff Writer
Who would've thought that push cart vendors could get digitized?

We're in 2021! Where are the Women Entrepreneurs?

PUBLISHED Jun 03, 2021 
by Our Staff Writer
At eSamudaay we have a clear focus on this aspect of the business

Circular Economy in Harmony with Rural Entrepreneurship

PUBLISHED Jun 01, 2021 
by Our Staff Writer
How the circle-within-a-circle concept came alive in Chamarajanagar

The Wind Beneath The Wings of Local Businesses

PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 
by Medarisha Lyngdoh
This is a journey where competition is replaced by collaboration at all levels

The "Network is Net Worth" Principle Helps Our Growth

PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 
by Sudarshan Simhan
Who thinks of an individual or a community as the bedrock of a business?

School Buddies Reconnect to Create a Circular Economy

PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 
by Ravi Haldipur
A business idea that now has a life of its own, thanks to the growing network

From Coding To Decoding -- Rewarding entrepreneurial journey in 6 years

PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 
by Ravinder Singh Mahori
Who says innovation and creativity are to be found only in big companies?

A Lockdown That Positively Unlocked My Perspectives

PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 
by Anup Pai
Every problem presents and opportunity and that's what Covid-19 did

Local Commerce is the Ultimate Need of the Hour

PUBLISHED May 29, 2021 
by Mahanth S. Joishy
Local Commerce is the answer to the oppressive practices of the big corporations.