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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Circle?

The Circle is a term used to describe one local community on eSamudaay. A Circle could encompass a group of people coming together based on an interest or a specific need or even a new business opportunity.

Who is a Circle Promoter?

A Circle Promoter is an entrepreneur who registers with eSamudaay seeking to start an LCommerce business within a specific community or locality. Any person desirous of starting a business in her / his local community can get in touch with eSamudaay through an email addressed to Once the person writes to us, there is a process we follow through emails that involves the following steps: 

  • A welcome email will reach you within 24 hours on receipt of your email. 
  • Thereafter, we will be sharing information in the form of short videos on what is eSamudaay and how it is pioneering the concept of LCommerce. 
  • Each of these emails will also contain some simple questions that will help you understand the concept better. Our team will be tracking how many of the videos you have seen and once you have watched them, you will be invited to join a Mega Webinar. 
  • This webinar would be conducted twice in a month and you can choose the dates according to your preference. At this Mega Webinar, our team at eSamudaay will provide you answers for any queries you may have, after which there would be a signing up process. 
  • Here is an example of how the eSamudaay process works: 
    • Suresh Kumar registers with eSamudaay to set up an LCommerce business at Karnal in Haryana
    • Once the  LCommerce Induction program is completed, Suresh is required to create and register a new company. Let's say, he calls it Kumar Digital Services Private Limited (KDSP). 
    • Once the company is registered, KDSP signs a Circle Promoter Agreement with Nirmund Digital Distributions Private Limited, which is the organisation running eSamudaay. 
    • After the signing, KDSP gets a unique Circle Code KARNAL01 on eSamudaay. 
    • Now a Circle Promoter can choose to either run the app without any customization or create some local flavour to it. This can be done in consultation with eSamudaay engineers. 
    • Now, let us assume Suresh decides to launch the App without any changes. This means users can choose KARNAL01 Circle Code when they download the app to access the services that KDSP offers in that locality. 
    • In parallel, Suresh and his team can onboard businesses in the locality such as restaurants and hotels, supermarkets, Kirana stores, vegetable and fruit vendors, meat and poultry stores, medicine stores and other service providers such as tuition teachers, dry cleaners, plumbers, hairdressers and many more. 
    • Each of these stores and service providers will download and configure the eSamudaay Seller Mobile App (known as Foore). As the Circle Promoter, Suresh will be trained to help these business owners configure the seller app, by choosing KARNAL01
    • Now Suresh as the Circle Promoter and his team can market the service to customers directly by encouraging them to download a single app (eSamudaay) for multiple services and deliveries. 
    • During the initial registration by customers, the eSamudaay consumer app will automatically discover KARNAL01 circle using the GPS location and suggest that they connect with it. 
    • Now, both the business owners (sellers) and the customers (buyers) are connected to the KARNAL01 circle. Each time the Circle Promoter adds a new seller, they will be visible to the customer automatically.

Who can become a Circle Promoter?

Any person with the legal authority to work in India can become a circle promoter/ owner.
We have listed below the circle promoter’s good to have qualities –

  • Has the desire to run or own an ecommerce business.
  • Is conversant with the internet as a medium and the use of apps on their smartphones.
  • Has a desire to help local businesses go digital in order to help them increase sales and thereby create jobs and bring more economic growth to the local community that she / he is serving.

What support will eSamudaay provide me to start?

Once you sign up with eSamudaay, our team will work closely with you to set up the business from the ground up. Some of the support we provide are:

  • Helping the Circle Promoter to set up a new enterprise by identifying the paperwork required for the purpose
  • The Circle Promoter will also get help with documentation that is needed to be done with each of the local business owners and service providers
  • The eSamudaay team will also provide training on using the various apps, including the CP app, the business owner app as well as the customer app.

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