A Mentorship Model that helps Circle Promoters from inception of their enterprise to profitability

eSamudaay offers the expertise of a team of mentors with proven track record in owning and managing enterprises that that be utilised by circle promoters as they set up their hyperlocal enterprise.

A Day in the Life of a Mentor

Meet our Mentors

Anantha Bhatt
An electronics design professional and entrepreneur who spends time helping the next generation of entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge and expertise.
Anup Pai
An entrepreneur, who moved on to his second startup, he is also an investor in companies that have some level of entrepreneur building in its DNA.
Jitesh Devadiga
As a partner at Studio Carbon, I guide early-stage ideas through Generative research, manage New Product development (NPD) and design Digital Product experiences!
Medarisha Lyngdoh
She is passionate about women entrepreneurship and is currently working with several groups in Meghalaya and neighbouring states via eSamudaay
Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda
He's a distributed economy evangelist focused at developing ventures that create value to customers and a positive impact to the community.
Neeraj Raje
A first-gen entrepreneur seeking to help startups and small businesses to get the best bang for their buck from content marketing & social media space
Sudarshan Simhan
An entrepreneur who is passionately committed to developing other entrepreneurs who strongly believes that "Network is one's Net Worth"
Venkatesh Nadhan
A creative design thinker who helps brands and businesses prepare and deliver action-oriented communication strategies.