Bring your Town together digitally

LCommerce is a Digital Business owned and operated locally. There are two kinds of people involved in operating LCommerce – Business Mentors catalyse action and connect the dots, Circle Promoters facilitate the commerce and develop the Producer-Consumer connections.

LCommerce can be very profitable, and how…

In the Digital age, Local commerce needs facilitation. That is the role of LCommerce – to create a local digital marketplace and to facilitate commerce. While it is a service that can earn the goodwill of the town, It can be very profitable too reaching break-even within 3 months of set-up.

  • LCommerce is not limited to just the buying and selling of items.
  • It can grow to include travel, customized furniture, tuition, sports coaching, and everything else that happens in town.

LCommerce is a collaboration…

LCommerce is an exercise in developing win-win relationships. The first collaboration is between eSamudaay and the LCommerce entity that you will setup. We will enable you to get started in days, get profitable in weeks, and thereafter take your town to the world. 

Start Today – your town’s businesses need you to go digital.