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eSamudaay provides the following 3 mobile apps in open-source format that can be rebranded and customized* by Circle Promoters to suit their local community's requirements. These are:
Seller App
With the Seller App you manage orders and business through eSamudaay
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Consumer App
The Consumer App can be used by customers to view the list of merchants and their catalog and to place orders.
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Delivery App
This App can be used by delivery agents to receive orders for pickup, accept new deliveries & drop deliveries to complete the order.
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*Our technology team will be at hand to facilitate the process of configuring the App for the Circle Promoter as well as in the testing of its functionalities.
In addition, we provide the eSamudaay console that brings your entire LCommerce business operations on to a dashboard, helping drive data-driven decision-making. It allows the Circle Promoter to view key metrics such as new orders, delivery status, businesses to be onboarded, lead management and transactions.