Our new age digital entrepreneurs set up and promote hyperlocal marketplaces

Each of these circles helps digitize local business and home delivery of products and services available locally thus ensuring the money and consumer data stays with the local community.

Smart solutions to business challenges

Who says innovation is the byeproduct of financial muscle? Our hyperlocal entrepreneurs think otherwise...
Jun 08, 2021
Necessity is the Mother of Innovation
Who would've thought that push cart vendors could get digitized?
Jun 08, 2021
When Circles Get Created Within a Circle
Using digital means to encourage young and aspiring writers in Udupi

Meet our Successful Entrepreneurs

AR Sharooque
Banasawadi Circle
A freak injury ended his dream of becoming a track and field superstar, but this erstwhile runner from Mangalore did all the running to set up his own venture in Bangalore.
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Ashish Kumar Gord
Ashish Kumar Gord and his friend Mr. Deepanshu Kumar Puri were classmates from 2010. All the things in their life were pretty good and simple but they wanted to do something different and achieve their dreams. So they started to search for new business ideas which would fulfill their dreams too.
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Deepa Sanjay
The Sweet People
I have started baking for my children and friends at home. People started liking of whatever I was making and suggested me start a bakery or sell online.
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Dhiraj Roy
He was in the construction business but due to COVID-19, the market of construction is very low, which made him think of shifting his business to another industry.
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Lakshmi Kishore Acharya
Since I was looking for a service provider who can give support for my business, I found eSamudaay service where they already serving in Udupi and other locations
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Naoshekpam Jhalajit Singh
am in search of different opportunities to do something new which benefits the society and contribute myself in doing something worthy and can bring a change to the local people of our society and I figure out ESAMUDAAY is one of them.
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Naveen Krishna
Naveen is a local of Koramangala. He has seen the area around him transform and become one of the commercial hubs in Bangalore. He found eSamudaay as an opportunity to start a business and provide jobs
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Rakesh Chandulal Parmar
Surendra nagar
I and my friends were discussing about the possibility of the local Flipkart or Amazon platforms for the last 2 years. The lockdown gave us a good time to sit and plan something for Surendranagar. The Idea along with the business is empowering the local merchants to make them compete against big commerce companies.
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Sagar Krishna
"It was a tough decision to make, but a necessary one as somewhere at the back of my mind, I felt what better way to convince others than to do it oneself first?", says Sagar.
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Sagar Krishna K
Mysore and Chamrajnagar Producer Circle
Being fascinated by distributed autonomous organization models, this erstwhile eSamudaay team member decided to prove that these do work by setting up one and managing it.
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Shrilakshmi Acharya
Udupi Circle
It was a dream of connecting back with her roots that made this PhD aspirant take up the task of digitally enabling the small businesses of her town, helping customers shop from home.
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Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain is an IT professional with 14 years of experience in Software services. He started thinking of establishing something in his own hometown. Then in 2015-16, he planned to start the NGO
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