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When Circles Get Created Within a Circle

Using digital means to encourage young and aspiring writers in Udupi
PUBLISHED Jun 08, 2021
Our Staff Writer

When eSamudaay began its operations early in 2021, the focus early on was to get local businesses to sign up on the platform and help them reach more customers using the digital means. What we did not realize then was the innovative ways that a Super App in a local community can be used by people. 

Our co-founder Sudarshan Simhan, who is also learning our mentorship program for aspiring digital entrepreneurs, recalls how the literary circle of Udupi and Manipal found a unique use for the eSamudaay services that could be a gamechanger in other circles too.

This group of well-known authors and writers came together to offer the young minds of Udupi and Manipal the opportunity to create their own literary works. As part of the program, students are being encouraged to write short stories, poems etc. and submit them to our team. These are being reviewed by the local literary circle members, who share their feedback and are even open to mentor some of these young minds. 

What's interesting about the engagement is the number of young people and even their family members finding the literary pursuit during the lockdown. As these aspiring writers put their mind to creating unique stories and narratives, the literary circle is seeking ways to digitally publish some of the work chosen by the eminent writers. 

Since we were in some ways instigators of this idea, the eSamudaay team is now searching for sponsors within the local community who could come forward and collaborate with us to get select works published digitally.

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