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Wanted to do something different and achieve the dreams

PUBLISHED Oct 22, 2021
Our Staff Writer

Ashish Kumar Gord and his friend Mr. Deepanshu Kumar Puri were classmates from 2010. After their graduation, they both started their work in different sectors. All the things in their life were pretty good and simple but they wanted to do something different and achieve their dreams. So they started to search for new business ideas which would fulfill their dreams too. “One day my friend Deepanshu told me about the business platform provided by team eSamudaay. And finally, we met the eSamudaay team. We liked the model and then signed the agreement. But due to this pandemic, our business was slow but now we are all ready to go ahead. We thank the team eSamudaay to be with us every time and for their cooperation, we are much grateful. Through them we are all ready to help the people of our city in this tough situation” says Ashish.

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