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The Wind Beneath The Wings of Local Businesses

This is a journey where competition is replaced by collaboration at all levels
PUBLISHED May 31, 2021
Medarisha Lyngdoh

I belong to a community where decentralisation has been the norm rather than the exception for more than a century. Which is why when Anup broached the subject to me, the buy in was near instantaneous. And the time where we joined hands presented us with a situation that required all of us to relook at closing ranks as a community with local commerce. 

We saw communities getting created and volunteers came out of the woodwork to support folks in need through their own networks. This formed the foundation of the theme for eSamudaay in our minds as we set about creating a framework. Quite simply we envisioned a marketplace that was created locally that benefited the community by retaining all the money within. 

We also realised that while technology could be at best an enabler and never the owner of such an enterprise. Therefore it was as much about empowering entrepreneurs through a mix of tech and mentorship. They could be digital solution providers or producers. In short, we just want to be the wind beneath their wings. 

Our journey forward would not be possible if we go alone. That's why our core paradigm is about decentralisation and collaborative networks, both in business and technology. Forming decentralized autonomous organisations that are loosely coupled for a win-win. 

If you are passionate about sustainable growth in your community, you are a potential partner for eSamudaay. Together we can build an AtmaNirbhar India.

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