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School Buddies Reconnect to Create a Circular Economy

A business idea that now has a life of its own, thanks to the growing network
PUBLISHED May 31, 2021
Ravi Haldipur

This is an association that goes way back to our early school days where discussions revolved around food, games and studies, possibly in that order. Many years later, when Anup connected back with me, the conversation revolved around food once again, though it related more to the social requirement of helping small businesses expand their horizons and provide more jobs. 

Anup mentioned the impact of the pandemic-led lockdown and I was very much influenced by the same and most of our discussions revolved around the business model that helped people stay connected and help folks work around the challenges. The focus shifted to local commerce and small business came to the fore with decentralisation as the theme. 

Having discussed and debated for some months, we started our journey in June 2020 and in the next six months set up the first of our LCommerce Circles at Udupi, which over the five months of its existence has already made a difference to the local community. In the process, our team also became aware of how business models have a way of evolving themselves. 

What we considered to be a Circle six months ago has evolved today beyond what we thought it would be. It continues to be a critical component of the eSamudaay philosophy. It is a metaphor for a community and the networks that get created when people interact. All of these add value to the sphere of influence within a circle and sometimes way beyond it. 

What began as circle creation around commerce is today expanded beyond this definition. Today we have a demand circle, a producer circle and specialty circles. We have seen some of these take shape on their own and sometimes with a nudge from a member of the eSamudaay team. But, suffice to say that the power of the Circle is something even we weren't aware of. 

Our effort now is to identify such Circles, sometimes be the catalyst for their creation and at all times work to create value within them and if feasible expand their outreach to other circles.

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