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Online customized features from esamudaay

PUBLISHED Oct 26, 2021
Our Staff Writer

I have started baking for my children and friends at home. People started liking of whatever I was making and suggested me start a bakery or sell online. The immediate problem statements that I was exposed to are the communication of prices and delivery complexity. It's virtually impossible to deliver 3-4 orders for any home baker unless until she invests in the delivery team. Home chefs and bakers are unable to reach beyond their blocks or within freinds circle. I started finding solutions and thought of having a single online store for myself. Exploring the options made me realize that the online customized features would cost me in lakhs and it doesn't make sense for one store. I thought of roping a few more home bakers and finding a relevant platform that caters to my requirements. That's when I found about esamudaay and its concept of the marketplace. I jumped on the opportunity and started talking to the team about my requirements.

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