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Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

Who would've thought that push cart vendors could get digitized?
PUBLISHED Jun 08, 2021
Our Staff Writer

When the world locked itself down in early 2020 and India followed suit, most of us had no clue about how our daily routines would shape up? What happens to buying daily essentials? How is the domestic helper going to help out? Having germinated the idea of eSamudaay, a network of collaborative groups, it isn't surprising that our circle promoters continue to innovate. 

When the second wave of the Covid-19 virus appeared on the horizon, our innovative team at Udupi came to the fore to help people get their daily dose of vegetables, meat and associated products etc. They found and created a circle of all push cart vendors in and around the place and started using them for fulfilling the demand that they received on the app.

Our Circle Promoter from Udupi Shrilakshmi Acharya says that on many occasions, a member of the Udupi team would collate the orders, reach out to the vendors to check stock status, and then go over and pick up the orders and deliver them to the customers. What's more, all of this was done without any additional charges. 

In Bangalore's Banaswadi circle, something more interesting happened. The Circle Promoter AR Sharooque wondered why street food should not be home delivered. Of course, the fact is that many of these vendors disappeared as the lockdown returned. But, a few did manage to open their stores during the three-hour window and that's when fulfilment happened.

Some of the vendors who made their way on to the eSamudaay platform include the ubiquitous sugarcane juice seller and the roadside tender coconut merchant. "In fact, once I had to roam around my circle to find sugarcane juice as the merchant on our platform did not open up,'' recalls Sharooque. 

Suffice to say that when our team perceives a strong necessity in others, their innovative spirit just switches on.

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