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From Track & Field to Tracking the Field

Fate dealt this athlete a cruel blow, but he's up and running again
PUBLISHED May 31, 2021
Our Staff Writer

He may just be 28, But A.R. Sharooque has seen more in life than a person double his age. As an aspiring athlete back home in Mangalore, this strapping lad was the cynosure of his teachers and coaches, having timed a sub-10 seconds in a 100-metre dash. However, fate had other things in store as a freak accident ruined his dreams of a career in track and field. 

Being a sportsman first, Sharooque took life's offering sportingly and moved on. It was during his sixth semester that he began a project to create an online store, a second dream that took some time to fructify, And when it did, he found himself to be his own boss as Circle Promoter for Banaswadi (Bangalore) on the eSamudaay network. 

"I wanted to do something in the digital space and did an academic project. Tried a few other things then as starting an online store required funds and experience," Sharooque recalls. He moved to Bangalore seeking broader avenues and became a gym instructor, having focused on building his body when the accident put paid to his hopes of athletics. 

He got rejected by some big fitness brands citing lack of experience, but at eSamudaay this didn't matter. He joined Foore, which was a startup pioneered by our CTO Ravinder Mahori. "I learnt a lot during the time spent with this team and when the eSamudaay opportunity came, I didn't think twice before starting off as a Circle Promoter," he recalls. 

While Mahori motivated Sharooque with stories of big successes, eSamudaay co-founder Anup Pai showed him the big picture that led to him starting to onboard businesses. "Today we have over 45 active members and another 40 awaiting to be onboarded," he says adding that today the company offers daytime delivery, but soon would introduce any time delivery. 

Ask him what his experience has been thus far, Sharooque says without digital presence, it is tough to make money. There are challenges as the system is new and people are taking some time to warm up to the local commerce (LCommerce). "Many compare our prices with those on other apps and that is actually helping us," he concludes.

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