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From Coding To Decoding -- Rewarding entrepreneurial journey in 6 years

Who says innovation and creativity are to be found only in big companies?

What does one usually do after joining a top rung engineering college and getting certified as a Bachelor of Technology? Join a multinational company, with roots in Silicon Valley, and start coding with little or no idea of the problem for which the offshore team was building a solution. Well, I was no different from the rest and did exactly the same. 

Six years into this mundane life that was offset by a decent bank balance, I woke up to reality. That however gilt-edged the job was, it would be years before I would get to the point where one could define the impact of one's work. So, I decided to utilize my programming skills to make a difference to some people. My target was the small and medium enterprises in India. 

Entrepreneur Bug

Thus was born Foore, a customer messaging and engagement app designed to help MSMES convert website visitors into customers. A three-year entrepreneurial journey with this product as part of my tryst with entrepreneurship culminated when Anup Pai reached out with the eSamudaay opportunity. 

For me, this was just the opportunity that I sought to expand my scope of business as well as to broaden my perspective on how to facilitate ease of business to a wider audience. Today, I am in a space where my focus is on expanding the footprint by helping the small business employ more people, thus making a measurable impact in solving India's rising unemployment. 

Today I have set myself a goal of connecting with a100,000 coders and developers, all sitting in their own small room in a small city or town, working on code that would solve a local problem through use of technology. This is not like reading a product document and working on one part of a problem. 

Engaging with this large network of skilled techies and offering them earnings that could well be beyond what their starting salaries might be is what I have set for myself as an immediate goal.

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