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eSamudaay – India’s perfect answer to eCommerce Monopolies

How eSamudaay is taking on eCommerce space by being an alternative to the big corporations.

India has become a goldmine for the internet-based businesses in the last few years. With the availability of low cost data (as low as approx. Rs 50 for a 1GB data against the Rs400+ for US). The advent of internet has made 2 sectors in India boom exponentially – Fintech and E-commerce. While Fintech is a technology dominated sector, eCommerce is easily adoptable and has a huge scope in terms of local marketplaces which can be tapped with this.

As per the Kantar_icube_2020 report*, only 31% of the rural India is accessing the internet in 2021. This clearly means that there is scope for 69% of the population is untapped and is waiting to become internet savvy. With advent of JIO this day doesn’t seem to be far.

According to a IBEF report**, after the lockdown in 2020, a lot of people preferred ecommerce for their shopping needs and between 15-Oct-2020 to 15-Nov-2020, India recorded Rs 58000 Cr of Gross Sales on ecommerce platforms.  This was a 65% growth from the year 2019. To propel growth in the ecommerce sector, the government has proposed 100% FDI in this sector.

However the majority of the market in the ecommerce sector held by monopolies like Amazon and Flipkart. These players make it virtually impossible for any other players to enter the market and also make it impossible for the small business owners to compete on fair grounds. With lack of access to digital platforms, the small businesses succumb and eventually die out.

Changing Face of ECommerce in India

Having said this, there are some tech companies in India like which are trying to address the concern of small business owners with giving them the ability to digitize their stores. However, these companies are not able to help with “discovery” which is the biggest concern on the internet.

eSamudaay ( is one such tech SaaS based company which helps setting up of digital marketplaces, where the local merchants, sellers and producers can be onboarded. Since this is a digital marketplace and not just an online store, the discovery of the brands is much easier and keeps the customers engaged on virtual marketplace.

The products can then be sold to the end customers from this platform directly. The platform has been a live saver for many during the pandemic since its very low on investment and is very easy to setup. It takes less than Rs 4K a month to set up the digital infrastructure and a team of only 2 to get started.

Setting up a marketplace in the non-metros has been made very easy by eSamudaay with its business in a box concept. ”.  The box contains 4 tools – a web app for the business manager to manage his circle, an app for the merchants, an app for the delivery partners and of course an app for the consumers from which the goods can be ordered.

Local E-Commerce (L ECommerce) Now Has a Real Meaning

eSamudaay has started the digital marketplace circles across India. They are currently located in the states of Karnataka, UP, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur and Gujrat. The local business owners in these cities have been able to identify the need to own the digital marketplaces locally and not handover that business opportunity to the global players like Amazon.

Self-reliance is the key motivation factor among these budding entrepreneurs. Self-reliance is not just limited to financial freedom they say but is also about enabling their towns to fulfil the needs locally.

The Amazon and Flipkart type of solutions have been a decade old and have enabled many supporting businesses like logistics, warehousing. However these corporates come with their predatory attitude where the terms of the game are defined by them. This can prove to be fatal for the well being of the small businesses near you. The small businesses suffer when the good which are produced locally are not sold due to the influx of the goods from other cities.

The power ultimately lies with the sellers with bigger pockets since the advertising on Amazon pushes the non-locals brands up in seller queue. Home grown eSamudaay is an answer to this predatory attitude of the big corporations.

* Kantar ICUBE Report

** IBEF 2021 Report

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