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eSamudaay an opportunity to start a business and provide jobs

PUBLISHED Oct 22, 2021
Our Staff Writer

Naveen is a local of Koramangala. He has seen the area around him transform and become one of the commercial hubs in Bangalore. He says,"Dozens of e-commerce and delivery companies operate all around the Koramangala. But I still felt there is a window to bring small local merchants online and run a good business." He presently runs a stationery store. He has worked in an electronics firm, herbal life, ran many businesses and was even a paper distributor. As a paper distributor, that’s when he came to know about eSamudaay through Sudarshan (business mentor). "I see eSamudaay as an opportunity to start a business and provide jobs, especially in these pandemic times", says Naveen.

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