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Activities for the needy people

PUBLISHED Oct 22, 2021
Our Staff Writer

Syed Hussain is an IT professional with 14 years of experience in Software services. He has completed all his education from govt schools. He has enjoyed his school days like how government school children assume to be. He completed his primary, high school, college in rural taluka Nanjangudu. He started thinking of establishing something in his own hometown. Then in 2015-16, he planned to start the NGO as he wanted to provide back to society and to the place where he was born and brought up. He organized the NGO name of Abdul Kalam heading as chairperson and President of (DR.APJ.ABUDL KALAM EDUCATIONAL WELFARE AND CHARITABLE TRUST® 2092015-16) Since then he started activities for the needy people, social welfare and children’s educations and health program across the Nanjangudu taluka, Mysore Districts.
He says,” In one of the official program meets with Mr. Anup Ji, got a chance to express my professional work and add on to NGO activity program. When the 1st lockdown occurred, I worked with the team and they supported us to launch the 1st version of the eSamudaay App to avail the services of Door Delivery especially in the RED ZONE area. I discussed this with a Govt officer and got approval. This helped us to kick start the program in 2020. Then, eSamudaay came up with a new upgrade of a complete solution.”
“I have taken this initiative because It’s a vision of #ABDULKALAM2020 book written, where every rural area India should be digitally empowered and get connected across the other region. It’s also a program of the DIGITAL INDIA, MAKE IN INDIA concept. Hence Now I have successfully launched esamudaay and steps to go forward to make a successful model soon by connecting local consumers, merchants”, says Syed.

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