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A Lockdown That Positively Unlocked My Perspectives

Every problem presents and opportunity and that's what Covid-19 did

When the country was in lockdown completely in March of 2020 and followed the rest of the world to combat Covid-19, I was in the throes of an intellectual saturation. Having fulfilled my obligations towards the acquirers of my first venture, and with some extra cash lying around in the bank, it was just the right time to put on the thinking cap. 

Over the next couple of months, as I engaged in conversations with my friends, family and the rest of the ecosystem that makes us who we are. However, the seeds of eSamudaay were sown probably a couple of months ago. It was just after New Year in 2020 and a few of us gathered on a terrace in rural Bangalore for a booze session. During the night, my alumni entrepreneurs shared their vision of what it means to be running an enterprise. 

The short video we created out of these conversations stayed with me and crystallized into an idea of how digital transformation could help people in smaller cities and towns to witness real economic growth at the grassroots. And then things began to move, as if powered by the energy of the universe. We registered eSamudaay in June, and suddenly folks, whom I didn't know or knew vaguely started connecting with the idea of democratising digital #DigitalSwaraj. 

From my perspective though, the story may have begun last year, but the narrative got stronger as the group got bigger and broader. Amidst all of this, my moments of silence during that daily run helped me reclaim lost knowledge. It was the awareness that entrepreneurship is itself the application of that knowledge - to venture into the unknown to create a future that does not mimic the past, while being ensconced in those fundamental truths defining universality. 

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