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June 12, 2021
LCommerce - The Panacea for AtmaNirbhar Bharat
Grassroot change is required to meet India's lofty economic growth targets
June 3, 2021
We're in 2021! Where are the Women Entrepreneurs?
At eSamudaay we have a clear focus on this aspect of the business
June 1, 2021
Circular Economy and Rural Entrepreneurship
How the circle-within-a-circle concept came alive in Chamarajanagar
May 29, 2021
Local Commerce is the Need of the Hour
Besides keeping money within a community, it also reduced carbon footprint
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is eSamudaay?

eSamudaay emerged from a collective vision of creating and building local commerce solutions that would drive inclusive economic growth in the non-metro cities and towns of India. It aims to build local level entrepreneurship through a digital platform that connects small businesses to their customers. The digital platform and targeted mentorship helps you start a digital enterprise in your local community that brings all businesses and customers on a single platform. 

The company provides a mobile application to the local entrepreneurs using which they can bring local business owners and customers on a digital platform. This way the smallest of business owners can reap the benefits of India's digital economy as more and more people use apps to buy their daily necessities. 

eSamudaay as a brand is owned by the Nirmund Trust that makes a promise to not use any data from the local businesses for any purpose, other than what would be required by the local community, which remains the owner of this data. 

How Do I Start My Entrepreneurial Journey?

All you need to do is register yourself on our website or send us an email. The link to register yourself on the website is available right here. You can also write to us at and we will register your details. 

Once you have registered yourself, there is a process that will kickstart from our end at eSamudaay: 

  • A welcome email will reach you within 24 hours on receipt of your email. 
  • Thereafter, we will be sharing information in the form of short videos on what is eSamudaay and how it is pioneering the concept of LCommerce. 
  • Each of these emails will also contain some simple questions that will help you understand the concept better. Our team will be tracking how many of the videos you have seen and once you have watched them, you will be invited to join a Mega Webinar. 
  • This webinar would be conducted twice in a month and you can choose the dates according to your preference. At this Mega Webinar, our team at eSamudaay will provide you answers for any queries you may have, after which there would be a signing up process.

What support will eSamudaay provide me to start?

Once you sign up with eSamudaay, our team will work closely with you to set up the business from ground up. Some of the support we provide are: 

  • Helping the Circle Promoter to set up a new enterprise by identifying the paperwork required for the purpose
  • The Circle Promoter will also get help with documentation that is needed to be done with each of the local business owners and service providers
  • After Circle Promoter's new company signs the agreement, eSamudaay will offer a four-week free program on entrepreneurship through Zoom classes that is conducted every day for a short time. 
  • The program would cover many aspects of entrepreneurship such as team building, sales planning, digital marketing, cash flow management, using business analytics etc. 
  • The eSamudaay team will also provide extensive training on using the various apps, including the CP app, the business owner app as well as the customer app. The training will include how to customise the app for the business owners and promoting the customer app locally. 
  • In addition, eSamudaay also offers free digital tools in the form of a Console to each Circle Promoter to help her / him keep track of their business operations. Each activity such as managing sales leads to keeping track of revenue (income) and expenditure will be available. 

What is LCommerce or Local Commerce?

LCommerce is a term coined by eSamudaay to signify a company that is optimized to provide e-Commerce and other Digital services optimized for the local area.

"Man is not born to live in isolation but is essentially a social animal independent and interdependent… the unit of society should be a manageable small group of people who would be self-sufficient and bound by mutual cooperation"  -- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

LCommerce as a concept that directly connects with the above philosophy of having independent and interdependent groups of producers and consumers across a community and many communities. It is a decentralized way of business where producers and consumers benefit more than middlemen. 

In practical terms what does this mean? A group of local retailers with physical stores offer their inventory to a platform, owned by a local entrepreneur, who then sells to local online shoppers with delivery support across the local community. This is the Offline-to-Online (O2) model. 

How does it help? Imagine if each small business - a kirana store, a vegetable store, a Halwai store or even a clothing store had to invest in creating a digital platform for themselves. So much money spent on so many apps with no clear guarantee that it will boost sales. But, if an entrepreneur sets this up for a small transaction-based fee, the risks are far lower for these store owners. Isn't it?  

Also, local store owners have a loyal customer base who would be happy to get their daily needs home delivered. Once the needs of the locality is met, the store owners can sell to nearby communities through the same network. 

Fulfilling the local needs and then moving to the next area is how India did business. That is, before the large corporations came in and made everything centralized. They bought from everywhere, stored centrally and then distributed it everywhere. This way, the consumer paid more, but the producer got less. 

It is the dream of the team behind eSamudaay to bring back local commerce to India as we share the belief that Atma Nirbhar Bharat can only become a reality when we become "Vocal for Local."

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Trusted by our growing LCommerce community

Constantly engaging with aspiring entrepreneurs, local businesses and their customers
Deepak Shenoy

eSamudaay focuses on the small local entrepreneur, where the layer of community trust is strong. By providing community content, digital services, and commerce to them, eSamudaay makes aggregation possible at the rural and semi-urban levels.

Ajesh Pai
KV Pai and Sons

The Pandemic has changed everything. We are the 120-year-old grocery store in Udupi, for the first time we had to rethink our business strategy and realized it was time to move to the digital platform. We joined eSamudaay because we are particular about choosing a digital platform that is purely community focused and one that serves local customers.

Jaggery producer

We were in search of the processes and markets, which can help produce good quality jaggery and the right market to sell our produce. JSS RISDC and eSamudaay have arrived at the right time, for us, to help us generate more income and support us with the best practices, market access.

Chief Executive 

A game changer

eSamudaay is a game changer for Bharat and will remove the tech disparity of large rural and remote businesses.