Kamaal Ke 101 lakh worth of
LCommerce business starter kit free, for the selected 10 most enterprising women.

Local Business Is

Empowering Digital Entrepreneurs with “business in a box” Technology and know how to set-up Local Commerce (LCommerce) Platforms. Mentoring LCommerce businesses to scale-up by providing Network Co-operations and Capital.


Your Town, is now Your Digital Business

Businesses in town are very good at what they do and customers love them. As life is surging forward what they have been missing is “a Digital access to their customers”. Today more than ever, it is their priority and they need your help to connect with their customers digitally. Help them and activate your town’s very own Local Commerce. Welcome to “Plug and run” marketplace, bundled with cloud technology that makes it easy for you start and easy to expand.
Lead your town to prosperity in the Digital era.

Our Solutions

Our digital tools enable communities to have an app-based marketplace of their own, where the local economy thrives and no one is left behind.


Seller App – Foore

Few clicks and you are ready to start selling online. List your business on Foore today.

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Delivery App – eSamudaay

Get control of how you want to deliver your products. Track your delivery and much more.

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Consumer App – eSamudaay

All your needs now fulfilled on the eSamudaay app. From groceries to everyday services, we have it all.

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