The Circle is
the Future

As the pyramidal structure of the economy proves to be its weakness, eSamudaay reimagines the economy as a network of decentralised “Circles”, each with its own app-based marketplace. A digital enabler for local entrepreneurs to network their local economy &unleash its hidden potential.


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How does it work?

To build vibrant communities with decentralised commerce, we nudge communities towards a model based on the Circle instead of the Pyramid.

  • A circle is a single independent self-sustaining unit of the eSamudaay ecosystem.
  • Each circle is managed as an independent business by a local community member called circle promoter.
  • The circle promoter avails eSamudaay’s digital tools to service the merchants and consumers in his/her circle.
The method

Our three pillars

Enabling local commerce by creating a network of connected communities served by digital tools.



A community is formed with shared values and interests. The digital platform is designed to encourage the sharing of thoughts through media.



Seamless communication is essential for community forming. Communication enables the free exchange of ideas in the community.



Commerce is a sign of a thriving
community and comes as a natural
progression to the sharing of ideas.
Commerce forms an integral
part of community interactions.

Our Solutions

Our digital tools make communities strong and resilient by providing them with an app-based marketplace of their own.


Seller App – Foore

Few clicks and you are ready to start selling online. List your business on Foore today.

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Delivery App – eSamudaay

Get control of how you want to deliver your products. Track your delivery and much more.

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Consumer App – eSamudaay

All your needs now fulfilled on the eSamudaay app. From groceries to everyday services, we have it all.

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Freedom from digital monopoly

A digital platform that is designed for local control and fosters local innovation



Every Community Commerce Business on eSamudaay is independent and autonomous.


Producer First

eSamudaay enables direct links between producers and consumers, therefore, making us Producer first, not Platform first.


Own Your Data

Your data is only yours. We will help you monetize your data responsibly.


Flat Fee & No Commission

eSamudaay is a Software as a Service business. It costs us the same to process transactions of Rs.1 as well as Rs.1 Lakh. Hence, our rates will always be flat and linked to infrastructure use.

Become a Community Commerce Champion

Easy to set up community commerce tools enable you to set up an App Universe that serves all the digital needs of your community.

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